Safety in your own hands

When it comes to the protection of yourself and family, it’s important to always be sure and stay cautious. Good hygiene and sanitization practices are a good start. HandSantol, a liquid-based hand sanitizer, was created to deliver high standard of hygiene and sanitization for everyone, everywhere. With 70% alcohol content and spray nozzle, it reaches every part of your palm, including the tips, to keep you worry-free in your daily life. Always keep it handy and shield yourself from the unwanted!

70% Ethyl Alcohol

as per WHO guidelines

Green Product

Environment Friendly

Available in

Lemon variant

Kills 99.9% germs

without water

Emolient Effect

Suitable for all skin types

Available in different sizes

and application types

Your family’s protection,

is our priority!

Sanitize regularly. Take care of

personal hygiene. Stay safe & healthy.

Apply on hand surface

Rub your palms

Rub your hands together

Wait until your hands feel dry



Ethyl Alcohol IP : 70% V/V

Benzalkonium Chloride I.P : 0.11% W/V

Polysorbate 80 I.P : 0.11% W/V

Purified Water I.P : Q.S.

Color : Brilliant Blue FCF 42090

Safety Instructions

For external use only

Call a doctor if consumed

Keep away from children

Do not use near a heat source or an open flame

Wash your face with water immediately, in case of contact with eyes


  • Certificate of Drug Formulation

  • CST Registration

  • Drug License Form 25

  • GSTIN of IGL - Form GST REG-06

  • ISO Certification - FSMS

  • ISO Certification - QMS

  • License of Manufacturer

  • VAT Registration


Flip Top

50 ML (MRP Rs. 25/-)

100 ML (MRP Rs. 50/-)

200 ML (MRP Rs. 100/-)

500 ML (MRP Rs. 250/-)

Mist Spray

(200 ML)

MRP Rs. 100/-

Spray Top

(500 ML)

MRP Rs. 250/-


(500 ML)

MRP Rs. 250/-

Spray Head & Child Lock

(250 ML)

MRP Rs. 125/-

Spray Head & Child Lock

(250 ML)

MRP Rs. 125/-


(1 L)

MRP Rs. 500/-

SKU Available

5 Litre (MRP Rs. 2500/-)

10 Litre(MRP Rs. 4900/-)

20 Litre (MRP Rs. 9800/-)


(2 ML)


More About Us

India Glycols holds the distinction of being the only green petrochemical company of its kind. It is one of the leading manufacturers of glycols, ethoxylates and PEGs, performance chemicals, glycol ethers and acetates, natural gums and potable alcohol. Our continued emphasis on superior quality, through the latest technologies available worldwide, has made us a pioneer in our field. Visit IGL Website.

HandSantol is a best-in-class, alcohol-based hand sanitizer that has been conceptualized, developed and manufactured by India Glycols R&D team. The products are used as personal care and hygiene, that provide complete protection from germs. They can be used as a hand rub for consumers, or in offices or public places to sanitize and maintain hygiene. The product has been formulated to prevent dryness and keeps hands moisturized after use, while ensuring complete germ protection and hygiene.